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January 2019 - Happy New Year!

January 2019 - Happy New Year!


MAKING - a list of books I want to get started on. Visit my “Sh*tty Readers Book Club” post and join the party on FB!

COOKING - oatmeal for my sick kiddo.

DRINKING - Starbucks…always Starbucks!

READING - The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane von Furstenberg. I’ve picked this up a few times before and never got further than 5 pages in but this time it stuck and I’m so glad it did because I am thoroughly enjoying it! DVF is iconic and elegant and an incredibly fierce badass!

WANTING - more “light” hours in the day - isn’t it supposed to start getting darker later now?! I feel like it’s pitch black until 9 a.m. most mornings and the evening darkness is still creeping in before 6:00.

LOOKING - forward to celebrating my hubby’s birthday this week!

PLAYING - My Favorite Murder, Minisode 106. #SSDGM

WISHING - my little Bubbs was feeling better! He has such a wicked cough.

ENJOYING - A DONUT! All caps because that’s how much I’m enjoying it!

LIKING - cozy nights on the couch with Netflix and my sweets. It’s been ridiculously cold outside lately so staying in and snuggling up is where it’s at!

LOVING - Maggie Rogers. Swooning with the rest of the world over this ultra-talent!

WONDERING - what to get my husband for his birthday.

HOPING - for a great concert to be announced at Red Rocks this summer so we can plan a road trip to our fave spot!

NEEDING - a blowout. Maintaining extensions involves a lot of arm work and I usually like to outsource for that lol!

SMELLING - tiny hints of perfume notes from my recent consultation with Zingaro Private Label. You have not lived until you’ve smelled true, pure oakmoss.

WEARING - my standard Mother jeans (high-waisted looker in Blackbird - I have 3 pairs, they should basically be renamed The Mandy at this point) and a cozy grey Wildfox sweater for a cozy day indoors.

FOLLOWING - @AOC’s every tweet. She has such powerful energy.

NOTICING - a few stray boxes of Christmas stuff that haven’t been put away yet - oops! Hope everyone had a merry & joyful holiday season!!

THINKING - about my family’s dog, Mylo, who passed away last November. Today would have been his 13th birthday. He was 5 lbs of fluff and attitude and he was loved so much.

OPENING - the latest issue of ELLE, straight to Ask E. Jean. No one tells it quite like E. Jean does and I am always here for it!!

FEELING - like one coffee might not be enough to survive this gloomy Monday!

Wishing YOU a beautiful week ahead!


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