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September 2018

September 2018


MAKING - weekly meals plans to try and make life a bit easier!

COOKING - soups and chilis because the fall chill has settled in deep around here already.

DRINKING - Starbucks…every dang morning. Grande caramel macchiato with whip, please!

READING - “Girl Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis, although I have to admit I am listening to the audio version - it’s been incredibly inspirational so far!

WANTING - winter/snow to hold off until at least November 1st.

LOOKING - for any small moment to snuggle with my boy, who is in full-time school now and just the busiest little bee.

PLAYING - the Lana Del Ray Essentials playlist on Apple Music. It’s Lana season, y’all.

WISHING - summer weather would stay just a little bit longer. September is usually such a warm month around here!

ENJOYING - my new iPhone 8Plus, which is the sassiest shade of RED.

LIKING - the idea of establishing new routines and pursuing new interests now that Henrik is in school full-time and I have so much more free time during the day.

LOVING - a ton of true crime podcasts. I’m addicted to the point of questioning how healthy this is! Canadian True Crime, True Crime Garage, My Favorite Murder, Dr. Death, Dirty John, In The Dark, Teacher’s Pet, Up and Vanished, Someone Knows Something, Serial, Missing & Murdered…just to name “a few” haha!

WONDERING - what the hell’s wrong with me (see answer to previous question lol)

HOPING - ugh, okay…this is a heavy one…but lately I have been reflecting on the last 4.5 years at home with my son because the thought hit me like a load of bricks that our “time together” as come to an end and I’m hoping to the highest power that I made the most of that time. That I absorbed all of him, at every stage, and enjoyed him and that special time together as fully as possible. It’s incredibly, heartbreakingly true what they say: “The days are long but the years are short”. They went by way too fast for my liking and I truly wish I could do them all over again... I’M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE!!

NEEDING - cooking classes. This girl needs a bit of help in the kitchen!

SMELLING - coffee beans at Starbucks; is there any greater smell than that on a Monday morning??

WEARING - a new tee and toque from a local company I discovered over the weekend at a pop-up shop in my city. The brand is LIWL - Life is Worth Living - and they have the cutest gear with different slogans that aim to bring mental health awareness. 100% of their proceeds are donated to mental health initiatives and I was truly touched by the message behind this brand and the trio of sisters who created it in honour of their own sister. Family and friends, don’t be surprised if Christmas gifts this year are LIWL apparel for everyone!

FOLLOWING - the shitstorm of dumpster fires happening in the United States. Our TV flips from CNN to MSNBC and back and sometimes it’s all too much to take in but being unaware doesn’t really feel like a responsible option these days.

NOTICING - the beauty of the changing leaves, whether I want to accept the cold weather that causes them or not. My house is covered in vines and this time of year is always interesting to document - the swift change from green to all shades of yellow, red and orange, and then the beautiful rainbow cascade as they fall to the ground. (It’s all beautiful until you have to get the rake out!)

THINKING - about how my boy’s day is going at school today. He’s probably pulling his little lunch kit out right now to sit and eat with his best friend, Bobby, and that warms my heart.

OPENING - my mind to the endless possibilities and opportunities to explore with this newfound free time.

FEELING - the urge to jet to Calgary for a weekend with my BFF! I miss her!!


January 2019 - Happy New Year!

January 2019 - Happy New Year!

Spring Fling with Bling!

Spring Fling with Bling!